K.S. MACHUKIJ CO.,LTD is a leading distributor of synthetic rubber and chemicals for rubber, paint, adhesive, and plastic industries. Our objective and mission is to meet customer's requirement. We would try to search and present quality product from local and overseas suppliers. And, distribute to customers with honest and ethical results.


- To be a raw material distributor for rubber industry.

- To be an alternatives for rubber industry on raw material usage.

- To meet rubber industry requirement in time.

- To enhance competition capability for rubber industry.

Quality Objective

- Search and present quality product with specification met customer's requirement.

- Concentrate at price policy that enable to meet customer's requirement.

- Be confident on logistics and distribution processes conveniently, rapidly, and continuously.

- To meet customer's requirement, our responsible is updating market information sufficiently and accurately together with supporting product warranty details.

- Service and manage business by professional marketing team with polite and confidence manners.

- Promote, train, and educate to all staff.









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